RedAQ Store
This is our new and unique online sales system. Ever seen moderators or server tops with items you've always wanted? We're here to help you get them. Only here you find items of all kinds, unreleased and rare for affordable prices and the certainty of security in the purchase and delivery of the item.
The store was built in the best possible way, all the content was designed and optimized to ensure that everyone can make their purchases as fast as possible without leaving aside safety and practicality, you can easily follow the progress of your product with the code that It was sent to you by email right here on our website, and you can make another purchase whenever you want in the simplest way possible.
When purchasing a product in our store, your purchase is being tracked from start to finish to ensure total security and make sure that your product will actually be delivered as ordered. They need to be aware because the only data requested to make the request are user and password of your RedAQ account, at the time of login, and are encrypted to ensure their security and privacy.
Payment is made using the default currency of your country, only via credit card, executed outside the site, via PayPal, which is a secure online shopping platform. We chose to use this platform precisely to ensure the safety of our customers, if they do not know PayPal, we suggest that you do a search about the company to get questions about the security question at the time of payment.
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