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The new enhancements are up!

1 year ago Calesvol Avatar

The map /join trainingport is now open! 

Venture into the training port and look for the NPC's scattered around the map. They have different enhancement types to offer, and some shop and quests you can do!

Q: How to get Trainer Approvals?
A: Just kill the monsters. There are 3 types of monsters which offers different quantities of Trainer Approvals

You can also find Roze to take on Daily Quests which gives Trainer Approvals and World Boss materials.


  • World Destroyer enhancement and World Boss finalization coming soon.
  • Classes damage frame will be updated soon as well, after adjusting to the new enhancements.
  • Alvia Roze Treasury shop still blank for now. Will be updated later once World Boss is finalized.
  • Click the NPC's to open their dialogues.
  • All enhancements only have level 1 - 600, except for World Destroyer enhancement, which will be the end-game enhancement (level 625 - 800, will require world boss materials, hardcore grinding).